“When we were going through the process, there was maybe a 10 percent chance of having twins, so, huh, quite a surprise!”

This couple in Texas have just welcomed not just one baby, but five. The newborns Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie and Rayleigh were born at 29 weeks through a caesarean section.

It took around 24 medical staff to help in the birth of the babies, who tipped the scales at weights from two pounds and seven ounces to three pounds and six ounces.

“So precious. They are tiny, and I just love it. I mean, I thought I’d be scared because of all the machines and tubes, but they’re just… I just love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.”

Mum and dad Steve and Michelle, who also have a two-year son, used fertility drugs after Michelle had several miscarriages.

The new parents said neighbours and friends at home have promised to help when they bring the five babies home.